Hello my name is Joe Burns and my wife and I live in Central Texas. Several years ago, a co-worker showed me several of his handcrafted pens he was selling and immediately I was intrigued with creating writing pens. In 2011 I set up a small woodworking shop in my garage and began learning the trade of creating unique writing instruments and have not stop since. Today our passion is creating distinct, one of a kind, handcrafted writing instruments and gifts from exotic woods and other unique materials.

 We offer an assortment of unique and custom writing pens for the individual, the home or the office. Each item is made by Joe, right here in Central Texas. Each pen is made from select domestic and/or exotic woods, and exotic materials that have been selected, shaped, constructed, and finished to meet your highest quality standards. Unique hand crafted shaving razors, and other gifts coming soon.

 You can purchase any available item here or through our online Etsy storefront by clicking the Store link in the menu above. Don’t see anything that catches your eye, we can build a custom pen. Have a piece, or pieces of wood that has sentimental or historic value? Let us make a family heirloom for you.


 Committed To Quality


 We pride ourselves in the craftsmanship and quality of our products.  Each pen or gift is handcrafted from quality parts. No portion of our pen making process is out-sourced. We handcraft each product one at a time in our workshop giving each product a personal touch. We never use duplicators or machines to mass produce any of our products. This guarantees each handcrafted product is unique and custom.  We choose the best raw materials for our pens from around the world then handcraft them into an elegant writing instrument you will be proud to own.


 Variety of gifts


 We keep a variety of items in stock ready to be purchased and shipped. If you see a pen style that you like but you wished it had a different body material or finish, no problem.  Tell us about the gift you would like.   Choose the style and finish you prefer and the body material you prefer. We will then handcraft you that style gift completely customized for you and your preferences.  These custom made-to-order products are handcrafted with the same quality craftsmanship that made our in stock products. 

We offer many different styles of handcrafted pens including: twist pens, click pens, fountain pens, ballpoint, and roller ball pens.  Our pens use refills that may be purchased at any office store. Depending on the model of the pen they will take either Cross style refills or Parker style refills. 


 Handcrafted Unique Gifts for Any Occasion


 Our handcrafted pens. and razors make great gifts for any special occasion such as birthdays, graduations, promotions, executive gifts, retirement, anniversaries, employee recognition, new jobs, customer appreciation, and holidays.  Your family, friends, and co-workers will appreciate receiving a truly special gift such as our one of a kind gifts.


 Commission Work


 We specialize in commission work where most of the wood is supplied by our clients and we make the gift for them.  We have made gifts from olive wood from the Bethlehem Israel area, Irish Bog wood thousands of years old,  and reclaimed wood from old buildings, and ships.


Bulk Orders


 We have limited ability to  do bulk orders due to the custom nature of our process.  Each gift is unique and never will be exactly identical; however, we will try our hardest to make each gift as similar as possible.  If you have a need for a lot of pens or gifts please email us and let us know how we can help.  We would love to discuss your project and how we can help.