50 Caliber Rollerball Flip Pen


A large and impressive pen that makes a bold statement with a American flag We The People and American flag motif.  It is a great gift for any active service, veteran, hunting or target-shooting enthusiast.  This unique 50 caliber rollerball flip pen not only adorns your desktop with an authentic once fired 50 caliber brass shell but flip the inside rollerball pen out for a unique and convenient writing instrument.  An actual once fired 50 caliber brass shell acts as a holder/sleeve/stand for the easily removable pen inside.

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Product Detail:

  • Pen Component: Brass
  • Pen Body: acrylic
  • Operation: Pen pulls out and flips to use.
  • Ink Refill: Upgraded Schmidt 5888 Black
  • Arrives in a luxury gift box
  • Includes free Priority Mail Shipping (2-3 business days)


Possessing a handcrafted pen such as this one is incomparable to what you will find from machine-shaped plastic pens and pencils purchased off the shelf of your local department or office supply store.

  • The pen will be well balanced and enjoyable to write with!
  • The pen makes a statement of boldness and confidence knowing there is no other pen or pencil exactly like it on the planet. Each pen I handcraft is unique and different.


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