We hear regularly from our customers about the experiences they have had with their new pens or gifts. Please take a moment to drop us a line telling us about your experience.

Antique Brass Celtic Pen

Just got my Wildflower Pens delivery of a one-off, tip of the hat to whatever Celtic ancestors I might have. I LOVE it! Feels like I could flog a thousand marauding Anglo Saxons with it as well. Very sturdy. Thanks, Joe!


Cigar Holder – Brazilian Rosewood

What a beautiful piece of wood. My husband loved it. I definitely recommend Joe. He is amazing.


Wood Duck Feathers Over/Under Pen

What a wonderful pen! Such presence (due to it’s large size and weight) yet easy to hold in your hand. Feather work is meticulous in its detail. Amazing – thank you so much!


Interchangeable Crochet Hooks

Very responsive–glitch in software delayed things–not seller’s fault at all. Beautifully made, gorgeous piece of wood chosen, lovely feel in hand, like high quality pen. I will very much enjoy crocheting with this.


Double Bladed Seam Ripper – Olivewood

This seam ripper was a custom order, and I love it. The olive wood is beautiful, and the item is nicely crafted. Very comfortable in the hand, no rough spots, no loose pieces. Mr. Burns does excellent work. Whether you do a lot of sewing or know somebody who does, or whether you’re just frustrated at having to remove sewn-in labels from garments made by manufacturers who still seem to think they’re necessary, a seam ripper that’s comfortable to use is well worth it. I highly recommend Joe Burns and his shop.


Bolt Action Deer Antler Pen

This pen is beautiful. My husband is going to love it.


Double Bladed Seam Ripper

Beautifully crafted… The thick handle makes it so much easier to use than the typical mass-produced stuff. Thanks… Love it!


Bolt Action Ballpoint Pen – Deer Antler

Beautifully made and unique! I gave it to my boyfriend for his birthday and he absolutely loves it!