Caring For Your Pen

Congratulations!   Thank you for purchasing a high quality hand-crafted Wildflower Pens writing instrument. Our pens are created to be a daily use instrument and should bring you decades of use. They do require some thought and care.

Your pen is made from real wood or other furniture grade materials, it needs the same care as any fine furniture product.  Follow these instructions to ensure years of beauty and enjoyment.

  1. Keep your pen from extremes of heat and humidity, do not leave it in the car, wood and acrylics can split under extreme temperature conditions.
  2. Do not leave the pen in direct sunlight, this can fade or change the color of many woods and other materials.
  3. Do not immerse in water.  Your pen is sealed and finished with several hard and durable finish layers and then a protective coating of wax.  Use a soft cloth to buff up the wax as needed.  Occasionally, re-wax your pen with a light coat of a good quality furniture wax.
  4. Do not use any cleaning agents.  Never us any kind of abrasive pad to clean your wood or the plating.  Never use any cleaning or finishing product that contains abrasives or cleaning agents.  Car waxes and many household waxes & cleaners have fine abrasives or harsh cleaning solvents and these should not be used. A damp soft cloth is all that is needed.