Historic Woods

Image - Two pieces of wood from the USS Texas battleship with COAs

Occasionally we are able to obtain rare and difficult historical wood (sometimes called Witness Wood) that we handcraft into an heirloom pen.  Some come from trees with historical significance that has fallen in storms, are diseased, unsafe or are being removed for some reason.  Others come from wood removed from historical ships or buildings during renovations or repairs.  We strive to salvage and create an alternative, rather than discarding and destroying these rare and unique resources.   A Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is provided with the pen attesting to the historical significance of the wood unless noted.        

Image - Four pieces of wood from a Jack Daniel whiskey barrel.

We have made pens from:

  • Olive Wood from the Bethlehem Israel area
  • Jack Daniels Oak Whiskey barrels
  • USS Texas Battleship
  • USS Missouri Battleship
  • Irish Bog Wood (approx. 4600 years old)
  • The Florence Mill, Mormon Winter Quarters, 1856

Family or Personal Heirlooms

Do you have a piece of furniture, wood from an old barn or house?  Or a piece of wood from a tree that is sentimental to you?  We can use this piece of this wood and create a writing pen in the style, and finish of your choice.